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April 22 SoG, LND Palaeography for Beginners
April 22 Scotch Corner, NRY Cleveland Family History Society – Spring Family History Day
April 26 SoG, LND Getting the Most from the Library Catalogue (SOGCAT)
April 26 London, LND Training session using India Office Records for family history sources
April 28 SoG, LND Walk: Charles Booth Poverty Maps - Whitechapel
April 29 SoG, LND Tracing your Yorkshire Ancestors
April 29 Canterbury, KEN The Professional Approach
April 29 SoG, LND Family History for Beginners: Finding Births, Marriages and Deaths & the Census
May 6 SoG, LND Immigration to North America 1820-1930
May 6 SoG, LND The Sugar Barons: Early Settlers in the West Indies and America
May 6 Birmingham, WAR First Steps in Family History (for Beginners)
May 6 Exeter, DEV Exeter and Devon Quaker families in the 17th and 18th Centuries
May 06 London, LDN IGRS Annual Genealogy Open Day
May 10 SoG, LND Introducing The Next Generation (TNG) Genealogy Program
May 11 SoG, LND Walk: Industrial Dagenham
May 13 Aberystwyth, CGN Family and Local History Fair
May 13 SoG, LND Tracing Family who were in the Salvation Army
May 13 SoG, LND Family History for Beginners: Parish Registers
May 13 Newport, IOW Born on the Isle of Wight and What Happened Next
May 13 Worthing, SXW Family History Day
May 14 Somme, FRA Somme Coach Trip 2017 - Can Pick Up Yorks, Notts,Lincs,Leics and M1/M25 corridor
May 17 SoG, LND History of Winchmore Hill
May 18 SoG, LND Walk: Historic Monken Hadley
May 20 SoG, LND Family Historian Software for Beginners & Refreshers
May 20 London, LND FIBIS Spring Open Meeting, including talks and research help
May 22 Ilminster, SOM Using Family Historian - a day course to get more from this excellent software.
May 23 London, LND Training session using India Office Records for family history sources
May 23 Ilminster, SOM Customising Family Historian - a day course to learn how to customise reports, diagrams and much more in Family Historian
May 24 SoG, LND Film & Sound Archives for Family Historians
May 25 SoG, LND Visit: Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum
May 25 SoG, LND Walk: St George-in-the-East and Wapping
May 27 SoG, LND Problems, Pitfalls & Fraud in Genealogy Research
May 27 SoG, LND Barking up the Wrong Family Tree: A Cautionary Tale with Examples (inc. a London Family 1640-1840)
June 3 Shrewsbury, SAL Shropshire FHS Family History Fair
June 3 Chesterfield, DBY Family History, Local History, Heritage and Craft Fair
June 3 SoG, LND Family Tree Maker Software for Beginners & Refreshers
June 3 London, LND FFHS Webmasters’ Seminar - London
June 5 SoG, LND Family History Getaway: Irish Ancestors & Irish Lives
June 10 Swindon, WIL Wiltshire FHS Family History Day
June 10 SoG, LND My Ancestor Came from Hampshire
June 10 SoG, LND Using Maps: Tithe, Enclosure, Ordinance Survey & Estate
June 12 Canterbury, KEN Report Writing
June 14 SoG, LND Southwark in Archives
June 15 SoG, LND Walk: Marylebone, Music, Misery & Medicine
June 16 SoG, LND Visit: Abney Park Cemetery
June 21 SoG, LND Was your Ancestor a French Prisoner of War?
June 21 London, LND Training sessions using India Office Records for family history sources
June 22 SoG, LND Walk: Historic London Fields
June 24 York, YKS Yorkshire Family History Fair
June 24 St Ives, HUN Postponed to Spring 2018 - East Anglian Group Family History Fair
June 24 SoG, LND Family Tree Maker Software - Beyond the Basics
June 28 SoG, LND Radical, Labour & Freethought Archives
June 29 SoG, LND Walk: Rivers, Reformers, & Radicals
July 1 SoG, LND Family Historian Software Practical Course for Intermediate Users
July 5 SoG, LND Tracing Family History in New Zealand: Discovering Ancestral Footprints
July 7 SoG, LND Visit: Frederick Parker Collection (The Furniture Makers Company)
July 8 SoG, LND Self-Publishing for Family Historians
July 8 Pudsey, Nr Leeds, WYK Scrapbooking & Family History
July 12 SoG, LND Insanity & Family History
July 14 SoG, LND Visit: Ladywell & Brockley Cemeteries
July 15 Chartham, Canterbury, KEN Guild of One-Name Studies: Catalogues, Collections And Archives Seminar
July 15 Canterbury, KEN The Parish and The Manor
July 15 SoG, LND Using Evernote for Family History (Beginners)
July 15 SoG, LND Tracing your Italian Ancestry
July 20 SoG, LND Walk: Call the Midwife
July 21 SoG, LND Visit: Brookwood Cemetery
July 21 Guiseley, WYK Family Historian Software
July 22 SoG, LND The Myth of the Brickwall & Bulletproofing your Research
July 22 SoG, LND Careers in Genealogy: The Road to AGRA & Running a Genealogical Practice
July 26 SoG, LND Tying Down your Immigrant Ancestor
July 27 SoG, LND Walk: Historic Mill Hill
July 27 London, LND Training sessions using India Office Records for family history sources
July 29 SoG, LND The Workhouse
July 29 SoG, LND Tracing Ancestors in Wales
July 29 Aylesbury, BKM Buckinghamshire Family History Society Open Day
August 2 SoG, LND What did your Ancestors do?
August 3 SoG, LND Walk: Potter with Pepys
August 5 SoG, LND From Raj to Independence: Researching British Families in India
August 10 SoG, LND Walk: The Alleyways of the City of London
August 12 SoG, LND Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries- British Population Listings
August 16 SoG, LND Tracing Family History in Lincolnshire
August 19 SoG, LND Latin for Beginners
August 23 SoG, LND Historic Greenwich
August 25 SoG, LND Walk: Historic Greenwich
August 26 SoG, LND In the Name of God, Amen: Wills Workshop
September 2 SoG, LND Making & Breaking a Marriage
September 2 SoG, LND Medieval & Early Family History
September 5 SoG, LND Visit: Cutlers Hall
September 6 SoG, LND London’s Villages: Piccadilly & St James’s
September 7 SoG, LND Walk: St Pancras Old & New
September 7 SoG, LND Stage 2 Evening Skills Course
September 9 Bristol, AVN Bristol & Avon FHS Family History Fair
September 9 SoG, LND My Ancestor Came from Suffolk
September 9 SoG, LND My Ancestor Came from Norfolk
September 13 SoG, LND Copyright for Family History
September 16 Carmarthen, CMN Dyfed Family History Society Family History Fair
September 16 SoG, LND Understanding Civil Registration – A  Registrar’s View
September 16 SoG, LND Victorian Hospitals & Medical Ancestors
September 16 London, LND FFHS 'The Family History Society of the Future' Seminar
September 18-22 Salt Lake City, UT,USA British Institute
September 20 SoG, LND Forbidden Love: Love vs Law
September 21 SoG, LND Walk: Historic Upper Clapton
September 24 Esher, SRY The London Family History Show
September 27 SoG, LND History of Barnet
September 29-1 Oct Canterbury, KEN Essential Sources for Family Historians
September 30 Ipswich, SFK Family History Fair
September 30 SoG, LND Getting the Best from The National Archives and its Website
September 30 SoG, LND Tracing your Ancestors in Leicestershire
September 30 London, LND FFHS 'Beyond the Census' Conference
September 30 Woolmer Green, HRT The Hertfordshire Family History Society 40th Anniversary Open Day
October 4 SoG, LND Getting the Most from SoGData Online
October 7 Canterbury, KEN Family History - Beyond The Internet
October 7 Woodstock, OXF Oxfordshire FHS Family History Fair
October 7 Canterbury, KEN How to Draw a Pedigree Tree Using Your Computer
October 7 Merthyr Tydfil, GLA Family History Fair
October 7 London, LND Seminar: Records of Catholics 1687-1837, launch of new database
October 7 SoG, LND Your Sporting Ancestors
October 8 Basingstoke, HAM Hampshire Genealogical Society Open Day
October 11 SoG, LND Visit: Bishopsgate Institute Library
October 13 Wakefield, WYK Family Historian Software Tutorial Day
October 14 Doncaster, SYK Doncaster Family & Local History Fair (with Craft Stalls)
October 14 SoG, LND Using Mind Mapping for Genealogical Problem Solving
October 14 SoG, LND Drawing up a Family Tree
October 14 Pudsey, Nr Leeds, WYK Family Historian Software Users Meeting
October 18 SoG, LND Traces of Pimlico's Past
October 21 Canterbury, KEN Family History - Beyond The Internet
October 21 SoG, LND Debts, Debtors, Bankrupts & Bigamists
October 21 Birmingham, WAR Further Steps in Family History (pre 1837 records)
October 25 SoG, LND Understanding Rural Migration in Late Nineteenth-Century England: Taking Parish Research to a New Level
October 28 SoG, LND 500 Years of Reformation: Tracing Nonconformist Ancestors
November 1 SoG, LND Tracing your Polish Ancestors
November 4 Woking, SRY West Surrey FHS Family History Fair
November 4 SoG, LND Writing your Family History - Part 1
November 04 Huddersfield, WYK Huddersfield Family & Local History Fair
November 6 SoG, LND Visit: Fishmongers Hall
November 8 SoG, LND Essex in London
November 11 Teignmouth, DEV Guild of One-Name Studies: West Country Migration Seminar
November 15 SoG, LND Counting the People: Census Returns Online
November 17 SoG, LND Visit & Talk: Wiener Library
November 18 Canterbury, KEN Family History Research 1800s - 1940s
November 25 SoG, LND Writing your Family History - Part 2
November 28 Newcastle Upon Tyne, NBL Advice & Information Day at Grainger Market, 10.30am - 4.30pm
November 29 SoG, LND Googling for Family History & Photos
December 2 SoG, LND Family Historian Software for Beginners & Refreshers
December 9 SoG, LND Writing your Family History - Part 3
2018 2018 2018
February 24 Abberley, WOR The Guild of One-Name Studies 'Accidents will Happen' Seminar
March 23-25 Wakefield, WRY National Treasures Conference
March 24 Poole, DOR Dorset Family History Society's 30th Anniversary Family History Day 2018
May 12 Sunderland, DUR The Guild of One-Name Studies 'Trade and Industry' Seminar
July 14 Ellesmere Port, CHS The Guild of One-Name Studies 'Over the Water' Seminar

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