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The venue area codes are (mostly) the usual Chapman County Codes. The Rootsweb Helpdesk has a useful list with codes covering the rest of the world. Where it seems more helpful, London postcode prefixes and other variants may be used.
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April 26 Dunfermline, FIF SAFHS 25th Annual Conference 2014
April 26 SoG, LND Getting the Best from Free Genealogy Websites
April 26 SoG, LND Tracing your Ancestors Through Death Records
April 26 Richmond, NRY Cleveland FHS Spring Family History Day Scotch Corner
April 26 Ewell, SRY East Surrey Family History Society Open Day, "Surrey - A County in History"
April 26 Manchester, LAN Manchester and Lancashire Quakers - QFHS One Day Regional Meeting
April 29 Woking, SRY An introduction to family history workshop at Surrey History Centre
April 30 SoG, LND Records of the Goldsmiths Company
May 1-4 St Catharines, ONT, CA OGS Annual Conference 2014
May 3 SoG, LND Poor Law Records & What it was like to be Poor
May 6 Woking, SRY Crofts, Castles, Trades & Professions workshop at Surrey History Centre
May 7 SoG, LND Putting a Genealogy Online
May 10 Pudsey, Leeds, WYS Family History Fair with Lectures
May 10 Canterbury, KEN Family History Beyond the Internet Day Course
May 10 Ellesmere Port, CHS FHS of Cheshire Family History Day Note: New Date & Venue
May 10 SoG, LND Tracing the History of Your House
May 12 SoG, LND Family History Getaway: Breaking Further Through Brick Walls (part 2)
May 13 Woking, SRY Schools & Workhouses workshop at Surrey History Centre
May 15 SoG, LND Stage 2 Evening Skills Course
May 15 Northallerton, NYK North Yorkshire County Record Office - Archives at Dusk
May 16-18 Meriden, WAR Researching Ancestors in British India
May 17 Aberystwyth, CGN Family History Event
May 17 Nottingham, NTT Guild of One-Name Studies: Printed Sources Seminar
May 17 Chichester, SXW Sussex FHG Family & Local History Fair
May 17 Canterbury, KEN Heraldry Day Course
May 17 SoG, LND London Maps and London Streets
May 17 SoG, LND Walk: Fabulous Finchley
May 17 SoG, LND Family History for Beginners
May 17-18 Leicester, LEI FACHRS Annual AGM and Conference
May 18 Maidstone, KEN The Kent Family History Fair
May 20 Woking, SRY Fighting Talk: an introduction to military records workshop at Surrey History Centre
May 21 HAWARDEN, FLN Guided Visit to Gladstone's Library & Flintshire Record Office
May 22 SoG, LND Visit: The Old Bailey
May 27 Woking, SRY Mad, Bad and Sometimes Sad workshop at Surrey History Centre
May 31 Gloucester, GLS GFHS Family History Fair
May 31 Sheffield , YKS Sheffield & District Family History Fair
May 31 SoG, LND Over by Christmas?
May 31 SoG, LND My Ancestor was a Policeman
June 3 Woking, SRY Moving On: Immigration, Emigration & Transportation workshop at Surrey History Centre
June 4 SoG, LND The Elephant & Castle
June 7 SoG, LND Hospitals, Nurses, Barber-Surgeons and Surgeons in History
June 7 SoG, LND Indentured Servants in Jamaica & Barbados
June 7 Huntingdon, HUN Exhibition to commemorate WW1
June 7 Shrewsbury, SAL Shropshire Family History Society Open Day.
June 14 SoG, LND Tudor & Stuart Sources for Family History
June 18 SoG, LND Delinquents - and those who tried to Reform Them
June 21 Trowbridge, WIL Wiltshire FHS Family History Open Day 2014
June 21 Pudsey, Nr Leeds, WYK Annual Lecture Day
June 25 SoG, LND Passengers Lists & their Alternatives
June 28 Woodstock, OXF One-Day Conference: Pip, Squeak & Wilfred – the record legacy of 1914–1918
June 28 York, NYK yorkshire family history fair
June 28 SoG, LND Tracing your First World War Ancestors
June 28 Llanwddyn, MGY MGS Summer Open Morning 2014: a landmark event this year
July 2 SoG, LND What can we Trust on Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates?
July 5 Leeds, LS16 First World War in retrospect Conference
July 5 SoG, LND Unmarried Mothers 1700-1900 & Poverty 1601-1834
July 5 SoG, LND The London Labyrinth: Family History Research in London
July 9 SoG, LND Walk: Around Whitechapel
July 9 SoG, LND The British Red Cross Collections & Services for Family History
July 12 SoG, LND DNA & Heredity for Family Historians
July 12 Torquay, DEV Devon FHS Summer Special
July 16 SoG, LND Tracing your Aristocratic Ancestors
July 19 SoG, LND Record Keeping for Family Historians
July 19 SoG, LND Scottish & Irish Immigration
July 23 SoG, LND Probate Record Collections at the London Family History Centre
July 26 SoG, LND Family Tree Maker Software Essentials for Beginners & Refreshers
July 26 Aylesbury, BKM Buckinghamshire Family History Society Open Day
July 30 SoG, LND What's New at Familysearch
August 1 Wheatley Hill, DH6 Local History Day
August 2 SoG, LND Family History on the Mac
August 2 SoG, LND Scottish Poor Law & Taxation Records
August 2 Pudsey, WYK One Name Studies: Sources in the Medieval to Early Modern Periods
August 9 Worcester, WOR West Midlands Area Group Fair
August 9 SoG, LND Detained in Britain 1914-1920: German Internees and POW Camps
August 9 SoG, LND Mad Dogs & Stray Pigs: Vestry Records & the Poor, Homeless & Illegitimate
August 9 Pudsey, Nr Leeds, WYK Family Historian User Meeting
August 13 SoG, LND My Ancestor Came from Sussex
August 16 SoG, LND Family History for Beginners
August 16 SoG, LND Irish Rentals & Census Records
August 16 Pickering, NRY Ryedale Family & Local History Fair
August 23 SoG, LND Wills & What to Do with Them - 1550-1856
August 23 SoG, LND Careers in Genealogy: Report Writing for Clients
August 29-31 Basildon, ESS Family History Weekend Conference
August 29-31 Glasgow, STD Who Do You Think You Are? Live SCOTLAND
August 30 SoG, LND Palaeography for Beginners
August 30 Kendal, CUL Connecting Cumbria Cousins
September 3 SoG, LND London During World War I
September 4 SoG, LND Stage 3 Evening Skills Course
September 6 Date changed ... ... to Sat 13 Sep to avoid a clash with The Great North Run The National Family History Fair
September 6 SoG, LND I'm Stuck: Breaking Through Brick Walls
September 6 SoG, LND Tracing Ancestors from Europe - From Beyond the Danube
September 8 SoG, LND Family History Getaway: Breaking Through Brick Walls (part 1)
September 13 Newcastle, TWR Postponed - see site: The National Family History Fair
September 13 SoG, LND How to get the Most from Family Pictures
September 17 SoG, LND The 1841 Census & what may be missing: A look at Householder's Schedules
September 20 Imperial War Museum, SE1    FFHS General Meeting
September 20 SoG, LND Open Day Talk: Starting your Family History
September 20 SoG, LND Open Day Talk: Treasures of SoG
September 20 SoG, LND Society of Genealogists Library Tour
September 20-21 Shoreham by Sea, SSX AKEHURST GetTogether (includes AKHURST/ACKHURST/...)
September 24 SoG, LND Family Historian Software (practical) for Intermediate-Advanced Users
September 27 Bristol, GLS B & A FHS Open Day
September 27 York, YKS Making the connection - Railway Records for Family History
October 1 SoG, LND Getting the Most from the Society Catalogue (SOGCAT)
October 4 Woodstock, OXF Oxfordshire FHS Open Day
October 4 SoG, LND The National Archives for Family History
October 4 Exeter, DEV Devon FHS AGM & Conference
October 8 SoG, LND Getting the Most from the Society of Genealogists
October 11 Ipswich, SFK Suffolk Family History Family History Fair & A.G.M.
October 11 Oswaldtwistle, LAN Irish Branch Family History Conference
October 11 Merthyr Tydfil, GLA Glamorgan Family History Fair
October 11 Canterbury, KEN Military Records - day course
October 11 SoG, LND Tracing Ancestors from East London
October 11 SoG, LND Good Research Techniques for Beginners & Improvers
October 12 Basingstoke, HAM Hampshire Genealogical Society Open Day
October 12 Stockport, CHS Family History Fair and Symposium "Families at War"
October 15 SoG, LND A History of the Royal College of Surgeons, its Membership & Fellowship
October 18 Theale Green, BRK One-day-conference: EarlyTwentieth Century
October 18 Canterbury, KEN The Parish and The Manor - day course
October 18 SoG, LND Maps and their Help to Family Historians
October 18 Pudsey, Nr Leeds, WYK Family Historian User Meeting
October 18 Doncaster, SYK Family History Fair
October 22 SoG, LND War Diaries & Trench Maps
October 25 SoG, LND Writing Family History - Part 1
October 25 Girton, CAM Cambridgeshire Family History Fair
October 25 Telford, SAL WW1: A Shared Endeavour (AGM/Conference)
October 29 SoG, LND My Ancestor Worked in the Theatre
November 1 SoG, LND My Ancestor was in the Royal Navy
November 1 SoG, LND How Our Ancestors Died
November 1 Woking, SRY West Surrey FHS Family History Fair and Open Day
November 3 SoG, LND Genealogy for Librarians & Archivists
November 5 SoG, LND Using SoG Data Online
November 8 SoG, LND Writing Family History - Part 2
November 8 Burgess Hill, SXW One Name Studies: The Next Stage
November 22 Canterbury, KEN Wills and How to Read Them - day course
November 22 SoG, LND Researching your Ancestors and Their Communities in the early 20th Century
November 26 SoG, LND The Broken Branch: Name Changes & Brickwalls
November 29 SoG, LND Writing Family History - Part 3
December 6 SoG, LND Family Historian Software for Beginners & Refreshers
2015 2015 2015
February 7 London, LND One Name Studies: Medicine and Healthcare Seminar
March 14 Harrogate, NYK North Yorkshire County Record Office Local and Family History Day
April 11 St Ives, HUN The BIG Family History Fair 2015
April 17 Broughton, LIN Guild of One-Name Studies: 2015 Conference and AGM
April 18 Weston-super-Mare, SOM South West Area Group Family History Fair
April 25 Pudsey, Nr Leeds, WYK Family History Fair & Lecture Day
May 16 Preston, LAN One Name Studies: Hatches, Matches and Despatches
August 15 Winchester, HAM Guild of One-Name Studies: Hampshire Seminar
August 29-31 Windsor, BRK The 2015 Genealogy Conference

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